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RR PC Repair

Why pay more for less from the other guys or “GEEKS”?

 Computer repair services available Poplar Grove - Belvidere - Rockford Illinois
Not sure whats wrong with your PC?
System Check:--------------------------------------------------------------$Free
Includes the following diagnostics
Hard Drive, Memory, CPU cooling, Power Supply, Virus / Spyware,
Operating System Integrity.

Virus-Spyware Removal+PC Optimization:-------------------------------------------------------------$30                     Remove virus infections found on your computer and remove any files or programs associated with the infection(s).Remove spyware infections found on your computer and remove any files
or programs that are causing pop-up ads or slowing down internet access. Install FREE antivirus and spyware protection.
Remove unnecessary programs from the start-up list "PC will start up and run a lot faster"

Hardware Installation: ---------------------------------------------------$20                                                                      Install hardware provided by the customer and install associated device
drivers and OEM software.

Software Installation:-----------------------------------------------------$15EA.
Install software applications provided by the customer.

Operating System Installation or Upgrade- with customer supplied software: --------$35
Install a Genuine Operating system onto the computer and install any device
drivers and Windows updates that are available and activate Windows.

Operating System Repair: --------------------------------------------------$35
Fix Operating system that has been damaged by viruses,
spyware, failed system updates, failed software updates, damaged system restore point.

Hard Drive Clone: --------------------------------------------------------$25                                                                   Clone a functional hard drive to another drive of the same size or larger.

Data Transfer-Data Recovery: ----------------------------------------$25 per 4.7GB DVD or $50 to new Hard Drive
Recover your data from crashed or corrupted Hard Drive
Pickup &Delivery: ---------------------------------------------------------$50
Technician will travel to customer’s residence or business and pickup the machine curbside and deliver it curbside when the repairs are complete.

Pickup &Delivery Complete Care: -------------------------------------------$80
Technician will travel to customer's residence or business and disconnect the machine and return it and reconnect it when the repairs are complete.

Laptop dc jack repair--------------------$50

Lcd monitor or T.V. wont power up? This is do to bad capacitors on the PCB"Power Control Board" usually do to overheating and prolonged use, I will replace all capacitors on the pcb---------------------------------------$35
"6 Month Warranty"

 Video Game SystemServices:--------------------------$35 + parts                                                                                  Laser-lens replacement,Installing a lager Hard Disc Drive, UnBricking your failed Wii homebrew attempt "Anytime you open any system it voids your warranty, so you are better off paying $40 to send it back to manufacturer if its still an option under warranty"


 I am located in Poplar Grove Il email ““ with questions or to setup an appointment.



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